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Calcined Clay


Meenal Ceramics has been engaged in the manufacture of Metakaolin since its inception in 2006. We manufacture the Calcined Clay in a Tunnel Kiln and is later ground into a fine powder using a pulverizer and classifier. Over the past decade, we have also developed and added different variants of Calcined Clay for use across industries such as rubber, paints, and foundry to our product portfolio.


Pozzoforce is a high reactivity metakaolin specifically optimized and engineered for use in the construction industry as a mineral admixture to improve strength and durability of concrete by converting calcium hydroxide generated during the curing process into calcium silicate hydrate. Metakaolin is also used as a raw material for production of Ultramarine Blue pigment.


Rubolink is a fine grade white calcined kaolin specially designed to meet the requirements of the rubber industry by serving as a filler in rubber components.


Triton is a fine grade white calcined kaolin developed to serve as a partial replacement and of Titanium Dioxide in paint formulations.


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