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Calcium Aluminate Cement


Alumina Cement was initially developed in the early 1900s with the sole purpose of being a sulphate resistance cement. CAC’s have since found a vast number of specialized applications mainly in the refractories industry. Catering to a small number of such applications, Meenal Ceramics has been engaged in the manufacture of 48%, 60% and 70% grades of Calcium Aluminate Cements since 2018. Manufactured under the brand name Meencem and Hardrock, they are a series of light-colored, rapid hardening, moderately setting cement with high-temperature resistance and high strength. The main active phase of the cement is Monocalcium Aluminate (CA). Meencem and Hardrock are manufactured using high-quality Bauxite and Calcium Carbonate in a Rotary Kiln in temperatures exceeding 1300C and later ground into powder form with the use of a ball mill.


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